The Denmark Olar High School

"We are providing hope to our students, while enriching our community."

Message From the Principal  

 “Pringle's ABC's”

Advance each student’s academic achievement

Build the community’s trust in us

Create an environment conducive to teaching and learning

 M. Pringle

We would like to congratulate our 2012-2013 tenth graders who passed both parts of the HSAP test. Parents are reminded that this is the test required by the State of South Carolina for students to be eligible to receive a high school diploma. Our superintendent supplied each student who passed both parts of the test with a digital MP3 player.

Students are reminded to take advantage of tutoring offered to help improve student achievement. Tutoring sessions are held 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. The schedule is as follows:


2013-2014 Tutorials

ATTENTION: All Vikings!Need help with English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or HSAP Preparation! Help Is Now Available!

Tutorial Schedule   Time 3:30 – 4:30


J. Sanders – Math

S. Moody - ELA

D. Branch - Science

F. Davis - Social Studies

W. Capehart - CATE

J. Robinson - CATE

P. Robinson - JROTC

B. Leveretter - JROTC

H. Avila - Spanish

Padigeal - Math/ELA



A. Martin - Art

R. Johnson - Science

B. Harley - Social Studies

R. Donahue - CATE

Y. English - English

B. Ferguson - Library

E. Torres - Math




D. Odom - English

T. Myers - CATE

G. Ali - Science

S. Isaac - Math/ELA

J. Mims - Social Studies


Early Bird Tutoring-7:00-7:50 a.m.

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Ms. Moody - HSAP Preparation










Truancy Law

 The Skinny on Attendance


Attendance greatly affects a child’s education. Regular school attendance prevents a child from falling behind in school work and not doing well on exams. Attendance is not only a requirement but it’s a child’s commitment to their education. Teaching a child to have a strong commitment to their education starts with them attending school every day and on time. Regular school attendance allows a child to feel apart of our learning community. A child’s regular attendance allows Denmark Olar High Shool to provide our students with a sense of stability and consistency.

South Carolina law requires regular school attendance for every child who is at least five years old on or before the first day of September of a particular school year, until the child turns 17 years old. Parents are primarily responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly, and they face statutory penalties if they neglect that responsibility. Attendance greatly affects a child’s education. Regular school attendance prevents a child from falling behind in school work and not doing well on exams.



Truancy is an unexcused absence from school. The amended South Carolina Reg. 43-274 provides three forms of truancy.



A child, at least 6 but not yet 17 years old, who has accumulated three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences.


Habitual Truant:

A child, at least 12 but not yet 17 years old who (1) fails to comply with the intervention plan developed by the school, the child, and the parents or guardians, and (2) accumulates two or more additional unlawful absences.


Chronic Truant:

A child, at least 12 but not yet 17 years old, who (1) has been through the school intervention process; (2) has reached the level of a habitual truant and has been referred to family court and placed under an order to attend school; and (3) continues to accumulate unlawful absences.

 Truancy Video

2012-2013 School Report Card

 School Report Card